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We constantly have openings for the relationship manager role. If you are interested, please submit your CV to [email protected]

Information received will be kept in strict confidentiality and used only for employment purposes.

Your career as a financial advisor at Blachhorn asset management firm, you will find exceptional support and unique opportunity. Benefit from a broad range of wealth management tools, products and active services representing the complete universe of financial solutions. Our general architecture ensures your intellectual ability to make objective recommendations to help meet the investment goals of your clients.

The financial advisor in this entry-level advisory role is responsible for managing existing and new client relationships and assisting in carefully formulating and implementing financial plans. The typically investing of financial advisors is to help potential clients identify and achieve their financial goals. Specific duties include meeting with clients and maintaining client relationships, creating and implementing customizable financial solutions for private individuals and businesses with respect to financial, local business, and estate planning.